Posted by Ronda

Tom & Mary Ann tie the knot...

09 May 2015

Wedding Vows, Horses & Love

Tom and Mary Ann's country wedding.

I first met Tom and Mary Ann through the horse world, and was very happy to be included in their very special day. When we discussed their wedding details, it came as no surprise when they told me they would be riding their beautiful horses down the isle. My partner in crime Ashley Sullivan met up at Mary Ann's house to get started shooting details and meeting their four legged friends... that would be joining us for the ceremony. There is a ton of planning that goes into including these animals and that was evident with the team of people that Tom and MaryAnn had organized just to care for these animals before during and after the ceremony.

Their was some concern about the weather being overcast and potential for rain being whispered between individuals throughout the preparation but to me, the conditions could not have been more perfect! Working under the clouds is like having a giant soft box wrapped around everything, I loved it! When we arrived at the huge field where the ceremony was to be held I was happy to see all of our 4 legged friends had arrived and were getting their final decorative touches. Now, on to the ceremony that was shook up with an exuberant exchange of vows that actually sent the guests into a roar of laughter. Tom and Mary Ann’s joy was shared with everyone in attendance.

After the ceremony and some really fun pictures with the bridal party, the clouds parted and everyone headed under the tent. The tent was decorated in a country horse theme that was also eco conscious. There were potted flowers on every table that were eventually sent home with guests to be planted in their gardens. Also the horseshoes that were placed throughout the tent were previously used by the equines in attendance. The cake was thoughtfully decorated with fresh fruits and a matching set of horseshoes. The entire event was light hearted and full of joy!!