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Ben & Stacie's vineyard wedding

24 May 2015

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Ben & Stacie's vineyard wedding,

I was referred to Ben and Stacie though a mutual friend that works for the Smithsonian and finally met with them after many international emails, Skype and phone conversations. During the planning, Ben was living in Seattle and Stacie was working in Brazil researching maned wolves. Because Stacie’s family is from VA, they ultimately decided to tie the knot here at Sunset Hills Vineyard in Purcellville, VA. I must note that through out this entire process, I have NEVER worked with a more organized group of people! Ben leading the way with his organization skills created a very smooth wedding day. Again I had the amazing Ashley Sullivan helping me for the day and entertaining me at every turn. Ashley and I met at the vineyard prior to heading to the B&B where Stacie and Ben were getting dressed. Ashley is not shy and promptly told me that my car was disgusting... In my defense I have 3 dogs and a horse, it is hard to keep my car spotless. Anyways, I was able to convince her to stay in the vehicle while we drove over to the B&B. 

When we arrived at Shepards Corner Farm B&B, all of the bridesmaids were already dressed with full makeup.....WOW... that was a first! Ashley and I quickly got to the detail shots and then brought the dress back to Stacie so she could finish getting ready. It was another Stifling hot and sunny day and Ashley and I had limited options for the bridesmaids to keep them from melting in the sun. We chose the back porch of this adorable B&B and achieved some great shots without heading into the scorching hot sun. Ben and Stacie opted for the first look and bridal portraits before the ceremony, which is a great option to allow for more time with your guests.   

The ceremony was behind the Sunset Hills main tasting room and features an enormous weeping willow with a pond down below. The ceremony was elegant and had a beautiful bubbly exit for the bride and groom thanks to their guests. We then all headed into the tasting room where everyone enjoyed a fantastic meal created by Paula Kiley of Seasoned to Taste who prepared the best salmon that I have ever had at a wedding. And of course there was a ton of dancing and good times had by all for the rest of the evening. It was so nice to meet and work with Ben and Stacie, thanks for sharing your day with me:-)