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Tara and Derek's Annapolis Wedding

06 June 2015

A big time wedding with the quaint romances of home..

Tara and Derek's Annapolis Wedding

Shooting  in Annapolis is not to far for me to travel but as it turns out on this day, I was working for one of my best friends Laura Grier of  Beautiful Day Photography who flew out from LAX!! I had never met Tara and Derek before this day but felt very comfortable from their welcoming demeanor's. Laura and I started our day running around shooting all of the details and thoughtful personal touches dispersed throughout Tarah's parents yard. I must say, Tara thought of everything!!! It was beautiful and flawlessly planned.

So... I must talk about this one little thing that Tarah and Derek did for Laura.... they put up a 20' high hunting blind for her to climb up during the ceremony.... so cute... Laura made me climb it with no safty tie!!!!! Nothing like an adrenaline rush to get you through the day!!! Yeah, really funny Laura, I was just hoping to not fall during the ceremony, that would have been horribly embarassing. Anyways, I did make it through the ceremony and the rest of the wedding was beautiful. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.


This little guy in upper right corner was the ring bearer :-) SO CUTE!