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Andy & Kurt's Atlanta engagement

30 September 2015

Engagement photos in Atlanta Georgia

Andy & Kurt engaged to married ...

So, I first met Andy and Kurt about three years ago in Eleuthera Bahamas while attending a wedding and doing a post bridal shoot with one of my besties, Genevieve Ahrens. We all spent about ten days together and had an adventure that none of us will ever forget! When traveling you really have no control over your surrounding and lets just say we were all delighted to have made it home safely! I was very happy to hear that Kurt and Andy had gotten engaged and chose to include me as well as my lifetime bestie and partner in crime, Laura Grier to capture their engagement memories. We both flew in to Atlanta on October 29, me from VA and "Laura The Explorer" from LA. Traveling is always exciting but sharing your time with friends adds another layer of memories. Kurt and Andy were incredible hosts and delivered the Atlanta experience from start to finish. We decided to check out the Atlanta Botanical Garden during our first day of scouting but went prepared to shoot. Good thing we had our equipment because the weather was perfect so we took advantage and got a bunch of great shots. We were also determined to find a great view of the city skyline so we stopped by the " W Hotel" to see if we could scope out and get permission to shoot from their helipad. They took us up for the most incredible view of the city!! Unfortunately we were not able to secure permission to come back later which was a total bummer. We did find another great view off of a bridge which was the final location our first day of scouting and shooting. On day 2 we were able to bring out the Ramblin Reck of Georgia Tech which very few people have the privilege of using for engagement photos. Fortunately Andy Mcneil was the elected driver for the 2001 season which gave him alumni rights to use the vehicle.  When we were done with the reck, we took a short beak with the pups and then went trekking around the city where we found some great artwork and a moody tunnel. We still tried to get permission to go back to the helipad on the "W" but had no luck. We were determined to not fold our vision so, we found a different rooftop for our final shot of the day at the America's Mart building. I will say, it was raining and that too was not going to stop us! We persisted and I could not be and more satisfied with the results. Thank you so much for having us to Atlanta Kurt and Andy, what an adventure!!