Posted by Ronda

Eric and Amy's magical country wedding

10 October 2015

Eric and Amy tied the knot

Eric and Amy, may I wish you a happy ever after!

I first met Amy and Eric about six years ago and I think the second time we hung out, Amy and Eric stayed at my house. They have become some of my dearest friends over these years, well actually, my chosen family. Our friendship has grown through our shared love of animals, well horses in particular and love of nature; we do live in one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL places on earth!!!  So, that said, you know you have gotten things right when a friendship is effortless and times are always full of joy and laughter. After meeting all of their friends and family over this past weekend and past years, I have to say... they are just as easy to love! 

So being a photographer, I could not resist bringing my camera out a few times during their magical celebration! Actually I had to force myself to leave my camera alone once the day got rolling, so these images are just a few moments that I could not resist capturing throughout the day. Thank you both for including me in one of the most touching, thoughtful and heart felt weddings I have ever attended.

 So, without further ado here are a few shots from behind the scenes this past Saturday, I hope you enjoy these moments.