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The Adventures of Quest and Micaela

21 February 2016

Micaela & Quest Photoshoot

The Adventures of Quest and Micaela

Where to start with this team? Micaela is a 3 star Parelli certified trainer who owns her own business, Love Horsmanship!! Her business name is more that just her last name, it is a description of the passion that she puts into each horse that enters her life. That brings me to Quest, he fell into Micaela's hands through a friend of a friend who found him in a mismatched home. He had been abandoned at a boarding facility after bucking off countless riders and trainers... they had given up on him. Micaela purchased him for the past due balance of his board since he was abandoned at the boarding facility. That was just the beginning :-)

These images capture the incredible bond that has been nurtured throughout the past year which has allowed Micaela to give Quest a much deserved second chance. Their bond is apparent in every image from Quest roaming free in a huge wildflower field to sitting bareback in the overgrown grasses and shrubs!! It was such a pleasure to photograph this perfectly matched pair!!