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Andrew and Courtney's wedding celebration

14 October 2016

A day of merriment in Radiant Virginia

Andrew and Courtney's wedding celebration

Andrew and Courtney are some of the sweetest and most genuine people that I have ever photographed. Having photographed her sisters wedding earlier in the year, I had already gotten to know her "wonderful" family, quite well and felt right at home. I had another past bride/groom that attended this wedding too, what a great occasion to catch up with old friends!! The wedding was located on Ternion Springs Farm in Radiant Virginia, which belongs to Andrews’ mother. The family built an events building on their land from scratch just for this wedding! The facility was a fantastic space and will be perfect for future events and gatherings. 

During the bridal preparation for the day, the final touches with the dress proved challenging... Heather from " Hitched by Heather " came to the rescue with a much needed knitting hook to help fasten the elastic button loops!!! Andrew patiently waiting out at the pond was on pins and needles before the first look. Since he first met Courtney, they were always together or at least talking on the phone. So, being away from his best friend for the whole first half his wedding day was hard, nerve racking even.  Once they were finally united, their emotions were infectious .... XOXOXOXO, just so much love!! They were radiating the entire day which made it so easy to capture their truth and beauty :-) Good luck Andrew and Courtney and thank you for sharing part of your story with Gregorio Photography!!!



Me with 3 of my brides :-)