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Keith & Marieke tie the knot!

05 November 2016

Wedding day celebration at the Rust Manor House

Keith & Marieke's Big Day!!

I am so unbelievably in love with these two, every photo makes me happy!! I have enjoyed re-living this day through these images during the editing process. Where to start....hmmmm... how about getting ready with Marieke as she is surrounded with her best friends, mother, sister, and eventually her father. It was as if, there was no other emotion than happiness pouring out of her :-) Those emotions are infectious and intoxicated everyone surrounding her with smiles and happiness. And it was not just Marieke, Keith had the same effect on his loved ones which created a very laid back environment and allowed the day to run very smoothly. The wedding took place at the Rust Manor House in Leesburg Virginia and I need to give them a shout out because the day was super organized!!  Organization is always the key to stress free events and that was the theme of the day, STRESS FREE! It was my first time shooting at this location and I found endless opportunities for shooting throughout the property, all hours of the day. Also I need to talk about Marieke's AMAZING flowers by Lark Floral, every bouquet was remarkably well crafted and served as a beautiful decorations throughout the day and evening celebration.  All together I just loved everything about this day and wonderfully suited couple. Good luck Keith and Marieke :-)

Flowers by Lark Floral 

Hair/Makeup by Trish Langley