Posted by Ronda

Benevelant Fund Raiser

31 January 2015

A dinner with a celebrity wait staff :-)

Dinner with a celebrity wait staff :-)

This event is held Annualy to raise money for The Benevolent Fund, which helps meet the emergency needs of county residents that cannot be met by government programs. The luau themed "Celebrity Waiters’ Dinner" was served by "Rappahannock celebrities".We did NOT have Robert Redford celebrity status, but we did have some of the hardest working, most thoughtful, generous residents of Rappahannock county. My Husband Sean and I were happy to be amongst the celebrities this year. Our team pooled with two other teams Debbie Donehey & Amber Johnson and Heather & Brian Lilly. Our three tables raised just under $6,000!! We came in second by 'only' $1,000 to Union Bank. One of our guests got very creative to earn a few more buck for this wonderful charity. How you ask, she auctioned off a pilates session on a raised deck with breathtaking views, hor d'oeuvres and wine on top of a mountain. Kymber Messersmith deserves a shout out for being so bold to go up onto the stage in front of hundreds of people to perform pilates moves. Kymber sold her mountain adventure for the small sum of $750.00. AMAZING!! Not to mention the rest of our guests who helped get us to $6000.00! Thank you all for your support!