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John, Louise and Ella's US visit!

12 April 2015

Hiking on the AT and family photos

John Louise and Ella's US visit!

John, Luise and Ella are currently living in Switzerland but make the trek to VA about once a year to visit family. For work, Johns is an attorny on the go which takes him and his family (at times) everywhere. Ella has been to more countries in her first year than most people will visit in there entire life.  What an adventure they are sharing!! I was gladly part of their VA tour which first took us to the Appalachian Trail. I actually took my SLR in hand up the mountain on a four mile hike and yes, I was sore the next day! Also, I brought my wild pack of dogs, they proved to be a hit with Ella. When we were done with our hike we went to a formal family dinner party to take family photos. It was a successful day!