Posted by Ronda

Rex and Rods Ohio Wedding Reception

30 May 2015

2 days of family love and entertainment

Rex & Rod

Landing in Clevland Ohio landmarks my first trip to Akron. From the second I stepped off the plane in Cleveland I was greeted by Rex who collected me and my things and drove me to my hotel to get settled in, then out to an fantastic dinner.... After dinner, I returned to my room where I spread out all of my belongings (which were way to many for three days) and then got settled in :-) I was picked up the next day at lunch and taken to Rex and Rods home where I met their two lovely dogs and Rods family. I documented part of our afternoon which included an exploding champagne bottle and much laughter. There was even talk of licking the champagne off of the cement to keep it from going to waste (who would do that???? ;-) Well, all together Rex and Rod adopted me for the weekend and generously treated me like family, I could not describe a better host! Thank you Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography for sending me out to meet these wonderful people!!


WHOOPS, did I do that?
The awesome Freddy Allen!
The Amazing Amy Armstong