Garrett Proposes!!

How can I even begin to describe this moment that I was invited to be a part of capturing. I was actually hiding in the bushes when they came back from their hike and Garrett quietly said these words:

"You've been my muse, you've been my partner, will you be my wife?"

Even today while writing this post I can not help but to well up with tears. These two are definitely a match made in heaven!!

Here is a link to view this moment: Garrett Proposal


A Winter Engagement

Amidst the snowy background, Shane and Kristina celebrate their engagement on this chilly winter day. This couple was all smiles and laughter, clearly overjoyed with this new development in their lives. Shane could not stop stealing kisses and hugs from his fiancé Kristina, their chemistry so abundantly clear. Even on a chilly day such as this, the love these two shared was strongly evident and warmed up the day with joy and laughter. 


Amy and Eric's magical snowy engagement session

Leah and Keoni are engaged!!