The Adventures of Quest and Micaela

A Mustang Winter Wonderland

After the abundance of snow that we received in January of 2016, I thought it would be fun to take this winter photo-shoot featuring the beautiful mustangs amidst the snowy landscape. The horses seemed to have a lot of fun frolicking in the snowfall and I just can’t help but love the stark contrast between their bodies and the ivory snow! Capturing these beauties playing in the winter scenery was a joy!

There are a few domestics in these shots too, the bays and one draft cross at the end :-) The wanted some of the limelight!!! 


Foggy Morning Beauty

I went out to capture some of the incredible fog that was rising through the valley and stumbled upon this magnificent tree. And then to top off this scene, the horses started running!  



Mustangs at The Litchfield Corrals

The VA Horse Festival

Wild Mustang photography composite