Posted by Ronda

Amy and Eric are engaged!

21 February 2015

Amy and Eric's magical snowy engagement session

Amy and Eric's magical snowy engagement session

I was hoping to get out in the snow for a photography session this winter but was beginning to wonder if we would ever get a decent storm. At the end of February, the storm I was waiting for finally made an appearance and created a perfect winter wonderland setting for a magical photo shoot. I had another client cancel on this day due to the weather so I was beyond excited when Amy and Eric were open to the idea of an impromptu engagement session in 19º weather! Amy and Eric are from Canada, so it was only appropriate that we take this snowy opportunity to capture their love for winter weather, the great outdoors and each other. So, I started up the old Ford 150 and made the trek out to their farm, passing one beautiful view after another. As seen by the photos, they lit up my lens with glowing smiles, playful banters and absolute adoration for each other, despite the sub-freezing temperatures. I can’t wait to help capture more of these moments on their wedding day!

So happy to be marrying the love of my life...