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Made in America

10 February 2015

Wild Mustang photography composite

Wild Mustang photography composite

This is a Composite of Viggo the mustang and the American Flag!! This art was originally intended to be a logo but quickly demanded more and exited the possibilities of staying simplistic. Mostly because the subject matter is very dear to my heart and I could not simplify that amount of love. Viggo is american made so it was a natural marriage of images. The photo of Viggo was originally captured by the very talented Amy Johnson on his first day at his new home in Rappahannock County. The original photo captured the very essence of the wild mustang, from the vivid brand to the whipping mane he is all of that, "untamed". So now, I had to marry the two images in photoshop to make the final magic happen. I painted over the photo which took far to many hours to ever admit to, it was a long crazy process. But I am really happy with the end results.

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Original image by: Amy Johnson
Cutout of Viggo from photoshop
Decided my crop and added some more detail.
This is the flag I used for my inspiration.
Final product :-)